Shray Skincare - The Queen Bee Mask Review

I was recently contacted by Shray Skincare and was asked to review one of their masks, and I was sent the Queen Bee honey-infused, redness-soothing, acne-treating mask. Sheet masks have become kind of my thing as of late, since most of my actual skincare routine varies very little, I like to mix things up and have fun with a different sheet mask every day. I love honey, and I suffer from redness and of course, the monthly breakout, so I was pretty frickin' stoked to receive this mask.

Ipsy December 2016 Review

Hey beauties! I recently took a hiatus from subscription boxes due to moving expenses/student loans, but I decided to resubscribe because while I have tons of skincare, I feel like my makeup collection could be added to a wee bit more (I mean, you can never have enough makeup, am I right? :D). I'm excited because normally my Ipsy glam bags fall a little short for me, but I absolutely adored my bag this month, and for $10 I think the value was well worth it.

The Daily Goodie Box - First Impression & Review

It's been quite a while since my last blog post, and a lot has happened in between! I changed my social media presence up a bit (I'm now @skincaremochi on IG and Twitter), I moved out of Miami, (thank the universe), I started a new job, moved halfway across the country, got engaged, and have finally escaped the reign of terror that is my in-laws. Believe me, after three years of living with in-laws, moving out is more of a survival mechanism than anything! But I lived to tell the tale, and I'm back with a few overdue reviews, one of which is of the newest freebie box out on the market - Daily Goodie Box.

Skin & Lab Red Serum Review

Brightening and evening my skin tone has always been high on my "skin priorities" list. I've always suffered from slight redness in my cheeks, as well as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and an overall dull, uneven skin tone. So when I received this Skin & Lab Red Serum from a previous Pink Seoul box, I was very interested, to say the least. Antioxidants, licorice root extract, and sweet almond oil extract? Sign me up!

Yuno Hana Soap & Bath Salts Review

I'm excited to bring this review to you, because I've been apart of the review base for the company that sent these products to me, and it's been so incredibly fun! I received a few products from 08L recently, and one of them was a package of Yunohana Yuza Soap & Bath Powder. If you're unfamiliar with 08L (pronounced point eight liter), they're a new

How to Get Rid of Pores from Hell: A Comparison of Elizavecca's Hell Pore Clean Up Mask & Daiso's Charcoal Peel Off Mask

My pores have always been such a huge issue for me. I have huge pores on my cheeks and nose (probably from years of sleeping in my makeup in high school) and my nose is constantly full of sebaceous filaments (which I like to endearingly call my "strawberry nose"). I recently decided that pore strips weren't going to cut it for me (they're also not great for your skin), so I've decided to do 2 things: consistently exfoliate with a mild BHA (currently using the COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid) and use some peel off masks instead! Pore strips contain the same sticky chemical that hairspray does (it's what helps them adhere), and prolonged use of pore strips can lead to wrinkles, spider veins, broken capillaries, and permanently enlarged pores (because once you stretch those babies out, they ain't going back). I've been utilizing 2 products to help get rid of my pesky blackheads/sebaceous filaments: the Elizavecca Hell Pore Clean Up Mask, and the Daiso Charcoal Peel Off Mask.

So Susan Cosmetics Haul + Swatches

I recently received a few So Susan Cosmetics Lip Love bags in the mail (I guess they didn't forward to my new address until now) and it was one of the sweetest surprises! So Susan Cosmetics is a cosmetic brand that focuses on how beauty and science can come together to formulate makeup that can also be good for your skin, as opposed to just being a cover-up for imperfections. Their line is vegan, cruelty-free, non-comedogenic, and is always free of mineral oil, parabens, phthalates, and gluten.

Walmart Beauty Box Summer 2016 Review & Unboxing

I have been out of the subscription box game for a minute; between moving across the country (turns out - it's hella expensive! Who knew?) to trying to put as much money as I can into my savings, I've been on a no-buy for awhile. I've broken it a few times (haven't we all, though?), but for the most part, I've pretty much unsubscribed from every subscription box service. Except Walmart, apparently. Truth be told, I didn't realize that I never received my summer Walmart Beauty Box (and I honestly didn't even know I was still subscribed) but it arrived on my doorstep a few days ago, and my reaction was pretty much "Meh, okay". I almost never review these on my blog (I do post unboxings on social media, though - links in sidebar), but I decided eh, why not.

PurpleTale Product Review: Setting the Scene Treatment Essence & Ode to Hydration Facial Cream

Sometimes, if I'm being truly honest with myself, I know in my heart that I have too many products. Serums, essences, creams...I have tons. And I'm not always able to finish them all before they expire. But I don't care. I want more. *Queue the Little Mermaid holding up a fork- er, dinglehopper in the distance)*

JORD Wood Watches Review

One thing that has always intrigued me was using wood for things that you wouldn't normally use wood for. Years ago, it would have been unheard of to use wood for jewelry/accessories, accept for those cute but cheaply made bracelets that you'd get at the county fair because some pushy salesman finagled $6 out of you for a wristlet with your astrological sign on it (guilty - I've been there).

I've been Skin18'ed! - My first experience with Skin18, + Mask Reviews

It's no secret that I love sheet masks. I use them almost daily, often twice a day, to achieve smooth, hydrated, glowing skin. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I have an obsession with them - I love using them, reviewing them, sending them to friends as gifts. They're just so versatile, easy to use, and my skin has been looking phenomenal since I took up masking 1-2 times a day. So when Kbeauty company Skin18 contacted me and offered to send me some masks to review, I of course gave an emphatic 'yes'. Who doesn't need more sheet masks, am I right? :D

Tosowoong Pink Essence Tone-Up Cushion SPF50/PA+++ Review

As I've become more and more fascinated with the world of K-beauty, one thing that stood out and immediately piqued my interest was cushion compacts. I've always had a huge problem with cake face; if I apply enough foundation to cover the redness in my cheeks, it almost always sinks into the fine lines of my skin and looks thick and patchy. Very few western foundations seem to give me decent coverage that doesn't dry out my skin or feel heavy/cake-y, so when I read about the many benefits and lightweight, moisturizing coverage that cushion compacts provide, I of course had to step into the world of team cushion.

Play! by Sephora July 2016 Review

Play! by Sephora is a monthly skincare and makeup subscription that costs $10/month. Inside every box, you'll receive 6 samples, a Play! Book of tips and tricks, and a Play! Pass for free one-on-one tutorials and subscriber meetups at your local store. I absolutely love Sephora (despite it's bank-breaking prices), so of course I couldn't resist signing up for the subscription! Currently, Play! by Sephora is in waitlist mode, so the sooner you join the waitlist, the sooner you'll receive your first box! Shipping is only available to the 48 contiguous United States.

AB See Featured Post #3 "Sun Protection"

Week 3 of the AB See Link Party has come to a close! The theme was "Sun Protection". All the submitted posts were exceptionally detailed and great reads. Now for this week's chosen post!

From Unboxing Beauty

Japan Funbox Mini June 2016 Review

I've been totally into snack boxes lately, especially Asian ones! I recently received a Japan Funbox complimentary for review, and I'm so happy because 1. I'm a fatty, and 2. everyone loves Japanese snacks, am I right? :D Japan Funbox is a monthly subscription service that delivers Japanese candy to your doorstep with free shipping. Each box contains carefully selected, super fun Japanese snacks, candies, and DIY kits that are often hard to find. The Original and Family ranges also include bonus items. Japan Funbox also ships to over 100 countries! I received the Mini box, which includes 5-7 fun snacks and costs $14.99 a month.

Japan Crate June 2016 Review & Unboxing

Japan Crate is a subscription that sends you an assortment of Japanese snacks and candies every month. There are mini, original, and premium options.

Klairs Rich Moist Foaming Cleaner Review

A few weeks ago, K-beauty online shop Cupidrop reached out to me and wanted to know if I was interested in testing some Korean skincare products, and of course, I emphatically said yes. I was graciously allowed to pick some products of my own choosing, and one of these products was the Klairs Rice Moist Foaming Cleanser. I'm a self-proclaimed cleanser junkie, always looking for my next "favorite" in the world of first and second cleansers.

Ole Henriksen Power Bright Influenster Vox Box

I was so excited to be chosen for another Vox Box, especially so when I realized that it was chock full of Ole Henriksen products to sample! I've only just gotten back into Influenster, so I was surprised to be chosen for another Vox Box so quickly (but who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth, eh?). This one came with deluxe samples of the Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation Facial Cream, Truth Serum Collagen Booster, and 3-Step Brightening Treatment, along with some professional cleaning sponges. Huzzah!

AB See Asian Beauty Link-Up Party!

We're on to week 3 of the AB See Link Party! I'm excited to be hosting this week, and the topic is:

Sun Protection! 

Summer is upon us, and the best secret to anti-aging and maintaining youthful, healthy skin is, of course, regular use of sun protection! I'd like participating bloggers to share a post on their summer sunscreen must-haves, recent buys/reviews, comparison posts, or even a post explaining why a certain sunscreen didn't work for you! 

Cozy Reader Club June 2016 Review

I've been feeling really under the weather today (both physically and emotionally) but I really wanted to talk about this lovely new subscription box that I came across recently! I've been re-entering the world of subscription boxes slowly, both because I have a lot more bills now than I did before (higher rent, car payments, student loans, the works) and because often, I just find that products can pile up faster than I can use them. Although I do tend to splurge on things that I consider my "hobbies", such as skincare, books, games, and makeup, I'm a very frugal person in real life and a little bitty part of my soul shrivels every time I have to toss a product because it expired before I could use it. That being said, lifestyle/specialty subscription boxes are some of my favorites, especially book boxes! As soon as I saw a new book sub box out on the market, I knew I had to give it a try. Plus, there's no expiration dates on books. ;)

Play! by Sephora May 2016 Review

Before I begin, I know I'm putting this review out super late. Between school, job hunting, and just *life in general*, I haven't had much time to do much of anything, let alone blog. I'm sure most of you who come across this review will have already seen what's inside, but I do want to talk a little bit about it and show you what I received!

Derma E Purifying Gel Cleanser Review + Ingredient Spotlight

Cleansers are one skincare product that I just can't settle on. Whenever I think I find the perfect cleanser for my skin, a new one emerges on the market that makes me question my entire life and go purchase it. I'm a cleanser whore. It's true.

So when Derma E contacted me and offered to send me a box of their best-selling goodies for review, I couldn't pass up the offer to try out their activated charcoal cleanser!

AB See: Join our Asian Beauty Link Party!

Hey everyone. It's time for an Asian Beauty Collaboration! 
I, and three other talented beauty bloggers are teaming up to bring you AB See, a Link Party Blog-Up! Everyone is welcome to take part, whether you blog or just love reading them. If you want to check out Maple Beauty Blog's kick off post for AB See, click the logo above!

Peora Facial Cream Review

Peora is a Korean skincare brand that specializes in natural, fermented skincare products. When Peora asked me to try their Facial Cream, I was immediately excited because fermented skincare is one of things my skin absolutely loves. Peora utilizes a concoction of beneficial microorganisms that are capable of penetrating deeper into the spaces between skin cells, allowing for quicker absorption and longer hydration.

Mishibox May 2016 Review & Unboxing

My boxes have been rolling in SUPER late this month, so apologies for reviewing these when June is right around the corner! Mishibox has fast become on of my favorite subscription services for K-beauty. It has the right products for both newbies and seasoned K-beauty addicts, and always has a great balance of makeup and skincare items.

Birchbox Man Beta May 2016 Review & Unboxing

I decided that since I was getting back into the subscription box game (I took a break for a few months because things started piling up), I would subscribe to Birchbox Man Beta so I can sneakily get my boyfriend into skincare-- I mean, er, review a new subscription box for those who are interested for getting something for the man in their life! I was doubly excited that Birchbox now has a men's box that is the same price as the woman's box, so for $10 a month I think I can manage to push skincare stuphs onto my boyfriends face.

Clean Bar Box May 2016 Review & Unboxing

Clean Bar Box is a new (to me) subscription box that I discovered after searching for ways to make my own soap. I know, it sounds a bit *too* adventurous, and it kind of was, so when I stumbled upon the Clean Bar Box website, I subscribed immediately to get my hands on some vegan soap goodness.

The Body Shop Oils of Life Intensely Revitalizing Sleeping Cream Review and Giveaway!

There's nothing I love more than overnight creams/masks. If you know me, you'll now I have at least 8 or 9 different kinds of overnight creams that I use at least 4-5 times a week, because being the lazy bum that I am, I like to have my skincare put in work even when I'm catching up on my beauty sleep. A new line of products from The Body Shop is now available, and I was graciously provided the Oils of Life Intensely Revitalizing Sleeping Cream for review purposes and have been testing it out the last few weeks. I have to say, I'm pretty impressed!

New K-beauty Subscription Box: Pink Seoul Box Review March/April 2016

A new K-beauty box is out on the market! I was kindly sent this box for review purposes from the lovely ladies over at Pink Seoul, and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed by what's inside!

My First Experience With Influenster: Spirit Vox Box Review!

My first Influenster Vox Box arrived yesterday! I'm so surprised and excited that I got chosen for a box so quickly after just getting back into Influenster. Inside was a full size Snicker's Crisper bar, some SweetSpot Labs wipettes in Vanilla Blossom and Neroli Mandarin, some Yogi tea samples in Green Kombucha and Blueberry Slim Life flavors, and a cheek and lip stain from NYC New York Color. The tea was absolutely delicious (especially the blueberry one!) and I was happy to see some yummy candy to help pick me up mid-day. The cheek and lip tint is VERY pink, but pretty nonetheless, and it goes great with my skin tone, and the SweetSpot wipes will definitely come in handy when I'm on the go. Overall, as a first box I'm really pleased with what I received, and I can't wait to get my next Vox Box! Have you received your Spirit Voxbox yet?

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