Shray Skincare - The Queen Bee Mask Review

I was recently contacted by Shray Skincare and was asked to review one of their masks, and I was sent the Queen Bee honey-infused, redness-soothing, acne-treating mask. Sheet masks have become kind of my thing as of late, since most of my actual skincare routine varies very little, I like to mix things up and have fun with a different sheet mask every day. I love honey, and I suffer from redness and of course, the monthly breakout, so I was pretty frickin' stoked to receive this mask.

Ipsy December 2016 Review

Hey beauties! I recently took a hiatus from subscription boxes due to moving expenses/student loans, but I decided to resubscribe because while I have tons of skincare, I feel like my makeup collection could be added to a wee bit more (I mean, you can never have enough makeup, am I right? :D). I'm excited because normally my Ipsy glam bags fall a little short for me, but I absolutely adored my bag this month, and for $10 I think the value was well worth it.

The Daily Goodie Box - First Impression & Review

It's been quite a while since my last blog post, and a lot has happened in between! I changed my social media presence up a bit (I'm now @skincaremochi on IG and Twitter), I moved out of Miami, (thank the universe), I started a new job, moved halfway across the country, got engaged, and have finally escaped the reign of terror that is my in-laws. Believe me, after three years of living with in-laws, moving out is more of a survival mechanism than anything! But I lived to tell the tale, and I'm back with a few overdue reviews, one of which is of the newest freebie box out on the market - Daily Goodie Box.
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