Beauteque October 2015 BB Bag Review & Unboxing!

Beauteque's BB Bags were one of my first subscriptions way back when I first started dabbling in the subscription box world. I got to see them start off, grow as a company and back when most kbeauty products weren't available in the US, Beauteque was my go-to for awesome Asian makeup and skincare products. Lately though, I've been pretty bummed out about their BB Bags. It seems to me like they're shipping them out later and later every month, and the quality and number of products in each bag is consistently tanking. Nevertheless, I thought I'd do this review anyway because I do like some of the things I received, and what kind of blogger would I be if I only talked about the good and ignored the bad?

Asian Skincare Masterpost, and Why I Chose To Dabble in Asian Beauty

I never thought I was going to start a beauty blog. Likewise, I never thought I was going to put much thought into what I put on my face or the kind of makeup I use, or even what I wear in the morning. But here I am, with a 12-13 step Asian skincare routine and an extensive collection of makeup, nail polish, and all the girly things. 

PopSugar Must Have October 2015 Review & Unboxing

Hey there, lovelies! I received my PopSugar Must Have box for the month of October about a week ago, and I've had a chance to dig around in some of the goodies and I have to say, it's a super fun box! However, before I get into the review, I'd just like to preface this post by saying that I'm going to be changing things up a little in the near future, I think. I haven't been posting as regularly as I used to because, truth be told, I wasn't really sure which direction I wanted this blog to go in. I enjoy posting product reviews and subscription unboxings, but I also enjoy

Boxycharm October 2015 Review & Unboxing

This month's Boxycharm was seriously one of my favorite months, so much so that I had been checking my doorstep every day in eager hopes that it had finally made it's way to me. October is one of my favorite months, as I finally get to wear black lipstick and big poofy sweaters and not get funny looks for it, so I'm glad Boxycharm chose an eerie, "halloween-y" type theme that appeals to my inner witchy-ness. I'm so feeling it. Bring on the blacks and dark greys!

Review: Shara Shara Honey Bomb All-in-One Ampoule

Hey everyone! Sorry for being so sporadic in my postings; I've been distracted with a bunch of personal stuff, and my blogging has fell by the wayside lately. Not to mention this semester has been kicking my ass.   Anyway, I picked up this adorable ampoule from a really sweet Amazon seller and have been using it consistently for about a month now, so I feel qualified enough to finally have an opinion on it!

Epic AB Swapping and Hello Kitty Adorableness!

Wahhh! The AB community is full of amazing people, and my friend over at Deelicious Discordia is definitely one of them! She was sweet enough to send me two care packages over the past month or so, and OMG ALL THE GOODIES. Inside the first package were a bunch of sweet as hell Hello Kitty Masks, a My Scheming Mask, samples, nail decals, and a crocheted cupcake filled with Costa Rican candy! 
I almost don't want to use them since they're so adorable!

Beauteque BB Bag September 2015 Review and Unboxing!

The September Beauteque BB Bag showed up super late this month, I almost forgot about it when I found it on my doorstep unexpectedly! I'm very happy that it did show up though, because I generally love getting my BB Bag every month! 

The theme for September's bag was "Soothing Spa", and inside there can be found a bunch of spa-related skincare items for the days when you need to add a little extra somethin' to your routine. Lately, I've been super busy and stress has definitely been making my skin look a bit lack luster, so I'm glad this bag came when it did!

Mini Review: Son & Park Beauty Water

The Son & Park Beauty Water was a purchase I was sitting on for quite awhile. I don't normally use cleansing waters, I prefer the old face wash-and-water method to get off all of my makeup at the end of the day. But I decided to give this a shot because it's so talked about in the world of Kbeauty, and many a beauty blogger has given this raving reviews, so I had to cave and see what it was all about. I got this bottle from Memebox for around $25.

Beauteque Mask Maven September 2015 Review & Unboxing!

Hey loves! Today I'm going to be unboxing (unbagging?) the Beauteque Mask Maven bag, which is a sheet mask subscription. I love sheet masks. Seriously, they're my new addiction, I can't stop picking them up with every Kbeauty order I make. However, since my moving date is inching ever closer and I need (NEED!) to go on a no-buy, Mask Maven is an inexpensive, fun way to get my sheet mask fix while not breaking bank. Besides, I like a little mystery, and getting a surprise baggie of assorted sheet masks in the mail always puts a smile on my face!

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