Cozy Reader Club June 2016 Review

I've been feeling really under the weather today (both physically and emotionally) but I really wanted to talk about this lovely new subscription box that I came across recently! I've been re-entering the world of subscription boxes slowly, both because I have a lot more bills now than I did before (higher rent, car payments, student loans, the works) and because often, I just find that products can pile up faster than I can use them. Although I do tend to splurge on things that I consider my "hobbies", such as skincare, books, games, and makeup, I'm a very frugal person in real life and a little bitty part of my soul shrivels every time I have to toss a product because it expired before I could use it. That being said, lifestyle/specialty subscription boxes are some of my favorites, especially book boxes! As soon as I saw a new book sub box out on the market, I knew I had to give it a try. Plus, there's no expiration dates on books. ;)

Play! by Sephora May 2016 Review

Before I begin, I know I'm putting this review out super late. Between school, job hunting, and just *life in general*, I haven't had much time to do much of anything, let alone blog. I'm sure most of you who come across this review will have already seen what's inside, but I do want to talk a little bit about it and show you what I received!

Derma E Purifying Gel Cleanser Review + Ingredient Spotlight

Cleansers are one skincare product that I just can't settle on. Whenever I think I find the perfect cleanser for my skin, a new one emerges on the market that makes me question my entire life and go purchase it. I'm a cleanser whore. It's true.

So when Derma E contacted me and offered to send me a box of their best-selling goodies for review, I couldn't pass up the offer to try out their activated charcoal cleanser!

AB See: Join our Asian Beauty Link Party!

Hey everyone. It's time for an Asian Beauty Collaboration! 
I, and three other talented beauty bloggers are teaming up to bring you AB See, a Link Party Blog-Up! Everyone is welcome to take part, whether you blog or just love reading them. If you want to check out Maple Beauty Blog's kick off post for AB See, click the logo above!

Peora Facial Cream Review

Peora is a Korean skincare brand that specializes in natural, fermented skincare products. When Peora asked me to try their Facial Cream, I was immediately excited because fermented skincare is one of things my skin absolutely loves. Peora utilizes a concoction of beneficial microorganisms that are capable of penetrating deeper into the spaces between skin cells, allowing for quicker absorption and longer hydration.

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