Naruko La Creme & Narcissus Product Reviews

Hello, my lovely readers! I know it's been quite awhile since I posted my last review over here, but rest assured, I haven't given up on blogging! Life had just got incredibly busy/crazy, and involved working multiple jobs, getting really sick (I'm better now, though!), a broken phone and computer, and a car accident that destroyed the front of our cute little Honda Civic. Thankfully, things have normalized (for the most part), so I'm going to be reviewing some Naruko products that were sent to me by the brand. These reviews are loooong overdue - I think I've been testing these for about 4 months now, so I'm confident in my thoughts on them, at least. I absolutely adore most Naruko products I've used in the past, so I had pretty high hopes for these, to say the least. Let's dive in!
Cute Polka Dotted Red Bow Tie Ribbon