The Daily Goodie Box February 2017 Review

I received a second box from the Daily Goodie Box a week or so ago, and I just got around to trying the goodies inside, so I thought I'd talk a little bit about them! The Daily Goodie Box is the newest freebie box out on the market, so freebie-lovers, if you're interested, read on!

For the uninitiated, Daily Goodie Box is a 100% free sample box of pretty frickin' sweet goodies from top brands on the market. All you have to do to snag a Daily Goodie Box of your own is become a member on their site (which is also free - huzzah!) and fill out a personal profile. Depending on things like demographics, lifestyle, what products you're interested in, etc, if you're eligible for a box, you'll be sent one for free. Daily Goodie Box sends out a variety of pretty sweet samples, varying from food, drinks, personal care/beauty items, and more. There's only one catch - you have to review the items sent to you on their website. That's it! Sound too good to be true? Well, it's actually legit - companies have been trying to cut out the middle man when it comes to advertising, and the perfect way to do this is to send a sample of the product they want buzz for straight to you, the consumer. It allows for a much better user experience for the consumer (I know the ad says this hot chocolate is the best thing you will ever put in your mouth, like, ever, but let's be real; there's no way of us knowing that until we get to try it!) and it's a more cost effective method for companies to get the word out about their snazzy new product. Hey, free stuff and less annoying ads being pushed on me? Count me in!

All my super exciting samples were shipped in a medium-sized white box with the Daily Goodie Box logo printed on the front, along with an insert reminding me dutifully to review my samples on my Daily Goodie Box account and some coupons/info booklets.

Nellie's All-Natural Laundry Soda (Full Size: $11) - The first sample I received is a huge sample pack of Nellie's laundry soap. It's available in a full size, resealable 50 load pouch, but this sample pouch will definitely last me 15 loads, which is more than enough time to see if it works for my lifestyle. It's a highly concentrated, all-natural formula that rinses residue-free, and one tablespoon is supposedly enough for a full load. I haven't gotten a chance to try this out just yet because I just did laundry before receiving this box (figures!), but I'm very excited to give it a try, and I'm glad that Daily Goodie Box included such a hefty sample!

Nellie's Wow Stick Stain Remover (Price: $9) - This Wow Stick Stain Remover is derived from natural ingredients and does not contain any dyes or synthetic fragrances. It contains lemongrass and sweet orange oils which work in combination with the cleansing ingredients to combat stains and odors. To use, you're supposed to just wet the Wow Stick and rub gently onto the stain, agitate it under some water, and then chuck it into your washing machine and launder as usual. I haven't gotten a chance to use this one either (like I said before, laundry day just passed) but I'm very interested in all-natural laundry soap alternatives, so I'm excited to give both of these a whirl.

Jack & Jill Natural Calendula Toothpaste Raspberry Flavor (Price: $7) - This is one of the products I was most excited about trying (and it's full size too!). This Australian-made, all-natural toothpaste contains organic calendula to soothe the gums, and organic natural raspberry flavor for some flavor. It's fluoride-free, sugar-free, preservative-free, and gluten-free, and contains no added coloring - making it completely clear! It's also rich in xylitol, which prevents bacteria from sticking to teeth and can help keep a neutral pH level in the mouth. I don't really have any stance on the purported dangers of fluoride in toothpaste as I haven't really researched it thoroughly enough to form an opinion, but this toothpaste does make my mouth feel very clean and fresh, and it doesn't have that burning, super minty taste that traditional toothpastes have. It definitely tastes natural (I can taste the calendula, not so much the raspberry flavoring) and it can take a bit to get used to, but overall I really like it and will gladly finish the entire tube.

XyliChew Spearmint Chewing Gum (Price: $5) - I'm not usually a big gum chewer, but I do favor spearmint over peppermint so I decided to give this one a go. Xylichew is made with no artificial chemicals or sweeteners, and promotes good mouth health while being safe for those with diabetes or food allergies. It's also gluten-free and sugar/aspartame-free, and contains birch xylitol, a natural sweetener extracted from birch/beech trees that helps prevent tooth decay and balance pH levels in the mouth. I really love this gum! It has a light, fresh spearmint flavor that lasts, and I appreciate the fact that there are no added sugars/aspartame, so it's good for my teeth as well. Yum!

Gorilley Goods Forest Dark Chocolate, Fruit and Nut Snacks (Full Size: $29.88/Box of 12) - Onto snack foods! These Gorilley chocolate bites were so, so good - I ate the entire package within a few minutes. These little snack bites have a ton of yummy ingredients such as organic fair trade bananas, coconut, cashews, walnuts, raisins, pecans, and are made of 70% organic fair trade raw dark chocolate. They're also completely organic, raw, gluten-free, and vegan. I feel like they're more of a candy than a health snack to me, but I can't emphasize enough how mouth-wateringly delicious these were. I'm seriously considering buying a case of 3 boxes for $80 because that tiny little packet felt like such a tease, especially since I had to share it with my fiancé. He ruins all my fun. Still love him, though.

Nature's Bakery Raspberry Fig Bars (Price: $4) - Ever had Fig Newtons? These raspberry fig bars are like their beefier, better-tasting cousins - made with stone ground whole wheat and 110 calories per serving, these yummy little bars are soy-free, dairy-free, and cholesterol-free, and contain no high fructose corn syrup or artificial colors/flavors. They're not quite as sweet as Fig Newtons, but they definitely taste more "real" and natural, and are more filling as well with fewer calories. I'm definitely going to pick up a few more of these to keep in my car or at my desk for quick, on-the-go snacking.

Vermont Smoke & Cure Cracked Pepper Beef & Pork Stick (Price: $33/Box of 24) - These snack sticks, crafted with lean, humanely-raised beef and pork, cracked pepper, and a classic mix of spices, make the perfect on-the-go snack for a quick kick of protein. They're also made without sodium nitrate or preservatives, and are gluten-free, nut-free, and dairy-free. But what's really incredible about these little meat sticks are just how amazing they taste - they're absolutely bursting with flavor, and I could easily see myself eating like 10 in one sitting. SO GOOD.

Coffee Blocks Butter Coffee (Price: $24/8 pack) - On the other hand, this coffee block I wasn't a huge fan of. These butter coffee Coffee Blocks contain a ton of healthy fats, including grass-fed butter, organic coconut oil, organic egg yolk, and a touch of organic vanilla, that will digest easily and become brain food for your groggy, fuzzy morning brain, while training your body to be "fat adapted" and use fats as fuel instead of sugar. Coffee Blocks has all the magic of butter coffee in one small, easy-to-make squeeze packet; just add hot water, stir, and enjoy! I have to say, the idea behind Coffee Blocks is great - I'd love to be able to ditch my cup of sugary Cuban coffee for some healthy fats and no sugar crash later on, but the taste is something I will definitely have to get used to. It's not bad per se, but it's definitely not sweet enough for my liking (there's no added sugar Vanna, duh), and the butter taste is something I'll definitely have to adapt my taste buds to. I really like the idea of cutting sugar and milk and adding healthy fats to my morning cup o' joe though, so I'd definitely be up for trying this again, and maybe getting used to the acquired taste enough to make Coffee Blocks a part of my daily routine.

Dream Water Sleep Powder (Full Size: $7/Pack of 5) - Also included in my Daily Goodie Box this month were a couple of samples, including this single-serve packet of Dream Water Sleep Powder. You're supposed to take one packet 30 minutes before bedtime stirred into a cup of water and enjoy a restful night's sleep, thanks to a mixture of Gama-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA), melatonin, and 5-HTP. I unfortunately didn't get to try this as it had spilled all inside of my box during shipping, but I would have liked to, since I take a melatonin supplement often to help get to sleep #insomniaprobs.

Aloha Daily Good Greens Dietary Supplement (Full Size: $40/15 pouches) - This Daily Good Greens whole food powder claims to energize you and provide nutrients that make you feel great using a mix of naturally-occurring vitamin D and a whole serving of fruits and vegetables. I love using packets like these to mix into my smoothies, although I haven't tried this brand yet since I have a few others to get through. These packets are definitely pricey though - one packet works out to about $2.60, so for that price, they better be damn good. Although I will add some bonus points for it being chocolate flavored.

Just Chill Stress Relief Zero Ginger Drink (Price: $26/Pack of 12) - Mmmm, I love me some ginger soda. This tastes just like sparkling ginger pop, except it has zero sugar and zero calories, and supposedly helps reduce stress and anxiety and increase focus with a dose of L-Theanine. I can't really say how well it reduced stress/anxiety (I feel like it did, but the placebo effect is a powerful force), but it sure did taste amazing, and with no sugar or calories, it's also guilt-free! I'll definitely be searching around my local supermarkets/health food stores for more.

Final Thoughts: Another great Daily Goodie Box - I'm starting to see a trend here! Once again, DGB sent out a ton of great-tasting, healthy snacks, and even included a good number of non-snackables this time, which I love! I definitely found a few new favorites in the form of the Nature's Bakery fig bars and Vermont Smoke & Cure beef sticks, and those decadent, chocolate-y Gorilley snacks are to die for. Once again, I'm very pleased with the selection of samples (and full size products!) sent, and so far, Daily Goodie Box has become one of my favorite boxes - and not just because it's free.

A lot of people have been wondering if Daily Goodie Box is a legitimate company, and I'm here to tell you it's as real as it gets. Daily Goodie Box is comprised of some regular folks looking to bring the joy of awesome free shit to your doorstep. If you'd like to snag a Daily Goodie Box for yourself, you can do so here. Don't worry - there's no affiliate link through there, and no tricks or strings attached; just the joy of awesome freebies. I know, I was skeptical too. The only downside is that is may take a while for your box to come, depending on demographics and the amount of people who got there first. So hurry and sign up now, so you can get some great snacks too!

These products were sent to me by The Daily Goodie Box free for review purposes; all opinions are my own. If you're curious about my press samples, affiliate links, and sponsors, please see my disclosure policies.
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